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Senin, 05 Februari 2018

Mata Kuliah Ilmu Komunikasi (Courses Administered in Communication Science Department)

Indonesian English
Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian Language
Bahasa Inggris English
Dasar Logika dan Filsafat Ilmu Basic Logic and Philosophy of Science
Dasar-dasar Jurnalistik Fundamentals of Journalistic
Dasar-dasar Statistik Fundamentals of Statistic
Dasar-dasar Teknologi Informasi Fundamentals of Information Technology
Dasar-Dasar Public Relations Fundamentals of Public Relations
Dasar-Dasar Broadcasting Fundamentals of Broadcasting
Dasar-Dasar Manajemen Fundamentals of Management
Ekonomi Media Media Economics
Etika dan Filsafat Komunikasi Ethics and Philosophy of Communication
Isu-isu Kontemporer Komunikasi Communication Contemporary Issues
Kapita Selekta Kewirausahaan Special Topics on Entrepreneurship
Kompetensi Aplikasi Komputer Computer Application Competency
Kompetensi Bahasa Inggris English Competency
Komunikasi Antar Pribadi Inter-Personal Communication
Komunikasi Bisnis Business Communication
Komunikasi Lintas Budaya Cross-Culture Communication
Komunikasi Massa Mass Communication
Komunikasi Organisasi Organizational Communication
Komunikasi Pemasaran Marketing Communication
Komunikasi Persuasif Persuasive Communication
Komunikasi Politik Political Communication
Komunikasi Visual Visual Communication
Kritik Iklan Advertisement Critic
Manajemen Entertainment Entertainment Management
Manajemen Komunikasi Pemasaran Marketing Communication Management
Manajemen Periklanan Advertisement Management
Metode Penelitian Komunikasi Communication Research Method
Metode Penelitian Sosial Social Research Method
Pemasaran Global Global Marketing
Pendidikan Agama Islam Islamic Religion Education
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan Civic Education
Penelitian Komunikasi Pemasaran Marketing Communication Research
Pengantar Antropologi Introduction to Anthropology
Pengantar Ilmu Komunikasi Introduction to Communication Science
Pengantar Ilmu Politik Introduction to Political Science
Pengantar Sosiologi Introduction to Sociology
Perencanaan Kreatif Iklan Advertisement Creation Plan
Perencanaan Program Komunikasi Communication Program Plan
Perilaku Konsumen Consumer Behavior
Perkembangan Teknologi Komunikasi Communication Technology Development
Praktek Kerja Nyata On the Job Training
Psikologi Umum General Psychology
Sistem Ekonomi Indonesia Indonesia Economic System
Sistem Hukum Indonesia Indonesia Legal System
indonesia Indonesia Socio-Cultural System
Sistem Komunikasi Indonesia Indonesia Communication System
Skripsi Final Project
Pemasaran Sosial Social Marketing
Teori Komunikasi Communication Theory

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